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Title: Bilateral axillary apocrine nevi--a case report.
Authors: Amonkar, Gayathri P
Amonkar, Prashant P
Rege, Jyoti D
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2005
Citation: Amonkar GP, Amonkar PP, Rege JD. Bilateral axillary apocrine nevi--a case report. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2005 Jan; 48(1): 22-3
Abstract: Apocrine glands are tubular glands, which function as scent glands. These are found at only a few sites like the axillae and anogenital region. They are present as modified glands in the external ear canal (ceruminous glands), in the eyelid (Moll's glands) and in the breast (mammary glands). Occasionally, apocrine glands are found on the face, in the scalp and on the abdomen where they are usually small and non-functional. Apocrine glands develop their secretory portion and become functional only at puberty. Tumours of these glands involving only apocrine tissue are very rare. We present an uncommon case of benign apocrine nevi of the axilla, which occurred bilaterally. These nevi are uncommon and only occasional reports are available in literature.
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