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Title: Imagecytometry: a new tool for diagnosis of glomerular haematuria.
Authors: Dinda, A K
Issue Date: 4-Jan-2001
Citation: Dinda AK. Imagecytometry: a new tool for diagnosis of glomerular haematuria. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2001 Jan; 44(1): 13-6
Abstract: Differentiation between glomerular and nonglomerular haematuria is a major challenge in clinical medicine, which is very important for a definitive diagnosis and management in individual cases. Phase contrast microscopy of red cells in urine is the standard practice for diagnosis of glomerular haematuria. Urine cell flowcytometry is recently being used for such diagnosis. In this context, the role of determination of haemoglobin content of urine red cells is not know. Application of image analysis to study the red cells in urine may be more objective and accurate for the diagnosis. The present study has been undertaken to evaluate the urine red cells with the help of an automated computerized image analysis system for determination of hemoglobin content by integrated optical density (IOD). The morphometric parameters were also analyzed. The glomerular RBCs were significantly smaller in diameter, area and perimeter than nonglomerular RBCs with a greater variation in shape and lower [OD (p<0.0001 to <0.00002). With the help of morphometric parameters the percentage of cases diagnosed correctly varied from 90 to 95. The IOD helped to diagnose 100% cases. Thus application of this new technique may be very useful diagnostic tool in the investigation of haematuria.
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