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Title: Primary carcinoma of gall bladder--a review of thirty six cases.
Authors: Kaul, V
Wani, N A
Paljor, Y D
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1989
Citation: Kaul V, Wani NA, Paljor YD. Primary carcinoma of gall bladder--a review of thirty six cases. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 1989 Jul; 32(3): 146-51
Abstract: The study presents the clinicopathological findings in thirty six cases of primary carcinoma of gall bladder diagnosed at SKIMS Srinagar over a period of four years (1983-86). Particular attention was paid to age, sex, presenting symptoms, presence of gall stones and site of metastasis. Majority of patients were found to be middle aged females (24 out of 36 cases). Most common presenting symptom was abdominal pain and duration of symptoms was two months or less in majority of cases. Gall stones were found in 55.5% cases. Diagnosis of primary gall bladder carcinoma was an incidental histopathological finding in 22% patients. Well differentiated adenocarcinoma was found to be the commonest type of malignancy (77.7%). 33% cases had widespread metastatic disease at the time of operation and liver was the commonest site of invasion (47.2%). Follow up records of 21 out of 36 patients available show only two patients to be alive till date with more than two year follow up and in both these cases carcinoma was an incidental histopathological diagnosis at cholecystectomy. Rest of the patients had died within 5-6 months after surgery. This reinforces the poor outcome for primary gall bladder carcinoma patients irrespective of treatment unless diagnosed and treated at a very early stage. Long term survival can be expected in incidentally found carcinoma at cholecystectomy.
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