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Title: Trichosporonosis due to Trichosporon beigelli in two hospitalized patients.
Authors: Chitra, A K
Verghese, Susan
Fernandez, Maria
Mohan, Asha
Abraham, Anitha
Methew, T
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2002
Citation: Chitra AK, Verghese S, Fernandez M, Mohan A, Abraham A, Methew T. Trichosporonosis due to Trichosporon beigelli in two hospitalized patients. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2002 Jul; 45(3): 337-9
Abstract: Trichosporon beigelli has been reported to cause invasive disease such as blood stream infection in severely immunocompromised patients. Two cases of urinary and disseminated trichosporonosis by Trichosporon beigelli in hospitalized patients, with predisposing factors such as prolonged hospital stay, continuous urinary catheterization and broad spectrum antibiotics are reported.
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