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Title: Studies of the antifungal compounds produced by Erwinia herbicola.
Authors: Adetuyi, F C
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1990
Citation: Adetuyi FC. Studies of the antifungal compounds produced by Erwinia herbicola. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 1990 Jan; 33(1): 48-52
Abstract: The organic phase of a wide spectrum, antimycotic and diffusable toxin from Erwinia herbicola showed a highly significant inhibitory activity against Pyricularia oryzae spores in spore well bioassay. Germ tube lengths were inhibited more in wells containing 5 microliters equivalent of bacterial toxin than 1 microliter. No significant difference between the germ tube in an equal mixture of Dimethyl sulphoxide: ethanol and controls. Thin layer chromatography using the chloroform extraction of the organic phase showed a significant antagonism on Cladosporium cucumerinum. The retardation factor values for inhibitory zones in solvent 1 were 0.07 for lower spot and 0.26 for upper spot.
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