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Title: Asymptomatic essential thrombocythemia: a case report.
Authors: Kapoor, Meenu
Misra, Vatsala
Singh, Mamta
Mehrotra, Ravi
Dwivedi, Manisha
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2003
Citation: Kapoor M, Misra V, Singh M, Mehrotra R, Dwivedi M. Asymptomatic essential thrombocythemia: a case report. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2003 Oct; 46(4): 655-7
Abstract: Essential thrombocythemia (ET) is a clonal disorder of unknown etiology involving multipotent hematopoietic progenitor cell and belongs to the spectrum of chronic myeloproliferative disorders (CMPD). It is rarest of the CMPD with no case reported from India. The case being presented was detected incidentally during routine investigations in an adult female who presented with mild abdominal discomfort.
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