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Title: Study of semen analysis and testicular biopsy in infertile male.
Authors: Purohit, Trupti M
Purohit, Milan B
Dabhi, Bharat J
Issue Date: 22-Oct-2004
Citation: Purohit TM, Purohit MB, Dabhi BJ. Study of semen analysis and testicular biopsy in infertile male. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2004 Oct; 47(4): 486-90
Abstract: A study of semen analysis and testicular biopsy was done in 50 infertile males. Semen analysis and testicular biopsy form important screening tools. Commonest age group affected was 21-40 years with sterility of 2-6 years duration. Smoking or tobacco chewing for longer periods may change semen quality. On semen analysis, 52 percent cases had azoospermia, 46 percent cases had oligospermia and 02 percent cases had normal count. Among oligospermics and normospermics, majority had more than 50 percent motility. Conditions like varicocele, undescended testis, inflammation can lead to hypospermatogenesis; the lesion is most common with 26 percent incidence. Though the specific reason of sertoli cell only is not known, it is also common with 26 percent incidence. Second most common finding was atrophy with 18 percent incidence, which may be acquired due to history of trauma, exposure to high temperature, habits of tobacco chewing and/or smoking or inflammatory conditions.
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