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Title: Penicillium marneffei--an indicator disease of AIDS: a case report.
Authors: Devi, Khuraijam Ranjana
Singh, Laishram Rajesh
Rajkumari, Rita
Usharani, M
Devi, Kh Sulochana
Singh, Th Bhimo
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2007
Citation: Devi KR, Singh LR, Rajkumari R, Usharani M, Devi KhS, Singh TB. Penicillium marneffei--an indicator disease of AIDS: a case report. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2007 Jul; 50(3): 674-6
Abstract: Penicillium marneffei (PM), the only dimorphic species of the genus penicillium is the etiological agent of penicilliosis marneffei. This opportunistic fungal infection occurs among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected and other immunocompromised patient in several regions of South-east Asia, where the infection is considered as an indicator disease of AIDS. A case of penicilliosis marneffei is reported in a patient whose HIV status was unknown and later turned to be in the late stage of AIDS. This demonstrates that it is indeed an indicator disease of AIDS. In India, penicilliosis has been reported among the inhabitants of Manipur state where the prevalence of HIV infection / AIDS is very high. The causative agent was first isolated from a captive bamboo rat. Investigation of the prevalence of the organism among bamboo rats of different countries of South East Asia revealed four species of bamboo rats to be harboring the organism. These four species of bamboo rats are Rhizomys sinensis, R. pruinosus, R. sumatrensis and Cannomys badius. In Manipur, Penicillium marneffei has been isolated from Cannomys badius. Any patient presenting with penicilliosis marneffei should be subjected to HIV counselling and testing if the HIV status is not known and further study regarding the ecology and epidemiology of the fungus is needed.
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