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Title: Coat's disease: an uncommon lesion of eye--a case report.
Authors: Agarwal, K
Singal, M K
Bajaj, P
Issue Date: 22-Jul-1999
Citation: Agarwal K, Singal MK, Bajaj P. Coat's disease: an uncommon lesion of eye--a case report. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 1999 Jul; 42(3): 373-4
Abstract: Coat's Disease, first reported in 1908, is a rare disease which is usually seen in young males presenting with complaints of unilateral vision loss. Microscopically, retinal telangiectasis and exudative retinal detachment is seen. Attempts should be made for differentiating and early detection of this disease to avoid enucleation of eye ball. Here we discuss a case report of a child manifesting as coat's disease in which a clinical diagnosis of Retinoblastoma was given and eye was enucleated.
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