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Title: Clinically significant autoantibodies--a case report.
Authors: Sulochana, P V
Sathyabhama, S
Mathai, Jaisy
Devi, K S Sheela
Issue Date: 17-Apr-2003
Citation: Sulochana PV, Sathyabhama S, Mathai J, Devi KS. Clinically significant autoantibodies--a case report. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2003 Apr; 46(2): 246-7
Abstract: Auto antiA1 and anti H was found in the serum of a patient admitted in this hospital for intracardiac repair of Ventricular Septal defect (VSD). Blood was grouped as A1 positive with discrepant cell and serum grouping due to auto anti A1 and anti H. No blood units were compatible for the patient. 17 A1, 3 A2 and 8 O group blood units were crossmatched and found incompatible at 37 degrees C and A2 and O at 25 degrees C--as the patient required surgery at hypothermia. Surgery was postponed. Antibody status was reviewed after 4 months. The thermal amplitude of auto anti H had changed by then but there was no change in auto anti A1. Surgery was done using A2 group blood.
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