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Title: Early diagnosis of bone biopsies--the role of sediment cytology.
Authors: Valiathan, M
Augustine, J
Prasanna, B
Chellam, V G
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1997
Citation: Valiathan M, Augustine J, Prasanna B, Chellam VG. Early diagnosis of bone biopsies--the role of sediment cytology. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 1997 Jan; 40(1): 17-20
Abstract: This study analyses the role of the cytological examination of the sediment of the formalin in which bone biopsy specimens are received, in the early diagnosis of bone lesions. Of the one hundred lesions studied using this technique, twenty six of thirty three malignant lesions (seventy nine percent) could be diagnosed as malignant when relevant clinical and radiological data were considered. Sixty six benign lesions yielded sparsely cellular smears with benign cell. There was one false positive for malignancy. This simple rapid diagnostic technique can be used to advantage in the early diagnosis, and treatment planning of bone lesions.
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