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Title: Meningiomas: report of a hospital-based registry.
Authors: Shah, A B
Muzumdar, G A
Chitale, A R
Issue Date: 22-Oct-2005
Citation: Shah AB, Muzumdar GA, Chitale AR. Meningiomas: report of a hospital-based registry. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology. 2005 Oct; 48(4): 468-71
Abstract: This is a hospital-based epidemiologic study of meningiomas. Of 1321 central nervous system tumours, meningiomas constituted 21% of the cases, being the second largest category of a single histologic type after astrocytomas. Of the 267 meningiomas studied, 247 were intra-cranial (92.5%). The age of the patients varied between 6 to 84 years. Histological subclassification is presented and treatment schedules discussed. 261 (98%) meningiomas were histologically benign and 5 were malignant meningiomas (1.9%). A 5-year follow-up was available in most cases, with the help of which it was possible to understand the biological behaviour of various sub-types and the influence of other parameters such as location and treatment schedules. Of note was the fact, that out of 261 patients with benign meningiomas, 11 succumbed in the immediate post-operative period and in 8 of these cases, the tumour was located at the base of the skull.
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