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Title: Vernal ulcer.
Authors: Srinivasan, M
Srinivasan, S
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1990
Citation: Srinivasan M, Srinivasan S. Vernal ulcer. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1990 Jan-Mar; 38(1): 33-4
Abstract: Vernal ulcer is a rare entity not reported in Indian ophthalmic literature. 76 patients in the age group ranging from 3-43 years diagnosed as having vernal conjunctivitis had been referred from general ophthalmology clinic to cornea service of the same institute during 1988-89. Among them 60 were males and 16 were females. 55 of the 76 patients had corneal involvement in the form of vernal keratitis or vernal ulcer. 16 had typical vernal ulcers. vernal ulcer was found more in the palpebral type of vernal conjunctivitis and affects males more frequently. One patient had an inferior vernal ulcer. It also occurred in the bulbar type of spring catarrh.
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