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Title: The treatment of ocular tuberculosis: a survey of published literature.
Authors: Mehta, Salil
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2006
Citation: Mehta S. The treatment of ocular tuberculosis: a survey of published literature. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2006 Dec; 54(4): 278-80
Abstract: With an expanding awareness of ocular tuberculosis, ophthalmologists are increasingly required to participate in the care of these patients. We conducted a survey of published ophthalmic literature to identify whether the regimens of antitubercular medications prescribed conform to current guidelines. A Medline search for publications (1995-2005) was done and the data were systematically analyzed with respect to demographic features, clinical findings and the antitubercular therapy prescribed. Of the 34 papers (82 patients) available, 33 papers described the prescribed antitubercular therapy. Eighteen papers (54.5%, 46 patients) conformed to guidelines versus 15 papers (45.4%, 32 patients) did not, suggesting that a large proportion of papers do not conform to current guidelines. Wider dissemination of therapeutic guidelines is necessary to encourage rational therapy and minimize therapeutic failures, drug resistance or relapse.
Description: 36 references.
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