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Title: Argon laser iridoplasty: a primary mode of therapy in primary angle closure glaucoma.
Authors: Agarwal, H C
Kumar, R
Kalra, V K
Sood, N N
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1991
Citation: Agarwal HC, Kumar R, Kalra VK, Sood NN. Argon laser iridoplasty: a primary mode of therapy in primary angle closure glaucoma. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1991 Jul-Sep; 39(3): 87-90
Abstract: Argon laser iridoplasty was performed in 40 eyes of 33 patients of primary angle closure glaucoma. There were 12 male and 21 female patients. The mean ages of the male and female patients were 51 years and 48.4 years respectively. Forty eyes were divided into two groups. Group I consisted of ten eyes of subacute angle closure glaucoma and group II included thirty eyes of chronic angle closure glaucoma. Argon laser iridoplasty was performed with Coherent 9000 model using laser settings of spot size 200 micron, duration 0.2 second and power 0.7 watt. A total of 80 spots were applied over 360 degree circumference. The intraocular pressure control (below 22 mm Hg) was achieved after iridoplasty in all the eyes (100%) in group I, where as in group II the intraocular pressure was controlled in 70% eyes. The follow up period varied from 3 months to one year with a mean of eight months. The success rate with iridoplasty was directly related to the extent of peripheral anterior synechiae, optic disc cupping and presence of visual field changes.
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