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Title: Yavatmal District Blindness Control Society: a case study.
Authors: Rao, S P
Dubewar, R V
Deotale, P G
Issue Date: 20-Sep-1999
Citation: Rao SP, Dubewar RV, Deotale PG. Yavatmal District Blindness Control Society: a case study. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1999 Sep; 47(3): 199-203
Abstract: PURPOSE: To retrospectively study the records and reports available at the District Blindness Control Society (DBCS), Yavatmal in terms of target fixation, performance and utilisation of manpower and equipment. METHODS: All the available records, reports, correspondence, and proceedings of meetings from 1981-98 were scrutinized and analyzed. RESULTS: The performance records and reports showed that over the last 10 years the target achievement of DBCS is close to 100%. However, the fixed facility (District hospital/Tertiary hospital where cataract surgeries are being performed under strict aseptic conditions) performance does not match the targets. The district mobile unit camp performance achieved 35-40% of the target in the last quarter of the financial year. CONCLUSION: The target fixation is irrational and needs improvement, and it is necessary for the program managers in the district to undertake analysis of the available data to ensure performance improvement.
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