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Title: Congenital eversion of upper eyelids: case report and management.
Authors: Maheshwari, Rajat
Maheshwari, Sejal
Issue Date: 22-Sep-2006
Citation: Maheshwari R, Maheshwari S. Congenital eversion of upper eyelids: case report and management. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2006 Sep; 54(3): 203-4
Abstract: Congenital eversion of the upper eyelids is a rare condition, the exact cause of which remains unknown. It is more frequently associated with Down's syndrome and black babies. If diagnosed early and treated properly, the condition can be managed without surgery. We report a case of congenital bilateral severe upper eyelid eversion in a normal infant, born by vaginal delivery. The case was conservatively managed by lubricants, antibiotics and eyelid patching.
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