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Title: Subconjunctival total excision in the treatment of chronic chalazia.
Authors: Prasad, S
Gupta, A K
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1992
Citation: Prasad S, Gupta AK. Subconjunctival total excision in the treatment of chronic chalazia. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1992 Oct-Dec; 40(4): 103-5
Abstract: A technique of subconjunctival total excision was used to treat 34 chronic chalazia. Another 34 were treated by incision and curettage and a further 32 by intralesional injection of long acting steroid. Subconjunctival total excision showed a higher success rate (94.12%) compared to the incision and curettage group (76.47%) and the injection group (75%). As the difference was statistically significant and due to other advantages we recommend subconjunctival total excision as a primary approach in the treatment of chronic chalazia.
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