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Title: Changing trends in the intraocular lens acceptance in rural Tamil Nadu.
Authors: Prajna, N V
Rahamatullah, R
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1995
Citation: Prajna NV, Rahamatullah R. Changing trends in the intraocular lens acceptance in rural Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1995 Dec; 43(4): 177-9
Abstract: A retrospective analysis spanning a 3-year period (1992-1994) was done to determine the rate of acceptance and affordability of intraocular lenses among the rural population of Tamil Nadu. The acceptance rate increased at an average of almost 70 to 100% as compared to a 17 to 20% increase in the total number of cataract surgeries performed per year. Analysing by mode of admission, the proportion of intraocular lens acceptance was more among the patients who directly presented at the hospital than the patients referred from eye camps. The overall acceptance rate was high and the ophthalmologist should be prepared to meet the likelihood of greater demand for intraocular lens from this population.
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