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Title: Use of capsular tension ring in phacoemulsification. Indications and technique.
Authors: Lanzetta, Paolo
Chiodini, Raffaella Gortana
Polito, Antonio
Bandello, Francesco
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2002
Citation: Lanzetta P, Chiodini RG, Polito A, Bandello F. Use of capsular tension ring in phacoemulsification. Indications and technique. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2002 Dec; 50(4): 333-7
Abstract: The capsular tension ring (CTR) was originally introduced to reinforce the zonule in eyes with zonular dehiscence and to prevent capsular phimosis in eyes at risk for postoperative capsular shrinkage. Since then, other designs and applications have been developed and described. Modified CTRs with shields can be used in eyes with iris coloboma. A CTR with loops is intended for scleral fixation. Studies are underway to determine if the presence of the CTR helps avoid or limit capsular opacification. A number of different insertion techniques with the aid of manipulators, injectors and traction sutures have been described. We have developed a technique that is particularly effective in cases of zonular dehiscence due to its low solicitation to the damaged bag.
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