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Title: Calotropis procera -induced keratitis.
Authors: Pandey, Nidhi
Chandrakar, A K
Garg, M L
Patel, Santosh Singh
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2009
Citation: Pandey N, Chandrakar AK, Garg ML, Patel SS. Calotropis procera -induced keratitis. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2009 Jan-Feb; 57(1): 58-60
Abstract: Calotropis procera produces copious amounts of latex, which has been shown to possess several pharmacological properities. Its local application produces intense inflammatory response. In the 10 cases of Calotropis procera -induced keratitis reported here, the clinical picture showed corneal edema with striate keratopathy without any evidence of intraocular inflammation. The inflammation was reversed by the local application of steroid drops.
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