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Title: Clinico-biochemical study of experimental complicated cataracts.
Authors: Sihota, R
Mohan, M
Angra, S K
Mathur, R L
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1991
Citation: Sihota R, Mohan M, Angra SK, Mathur RL. Clinico-biochemical study of experimental complicated cataracts. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1991 Oct-Dec; 39(4): 148-50
Abstract: Clinically observed complicated cataracts, generally do not have a definite causal factor. We studied the effects of E. coli toxin injected suprachoroidally, to simulate the effect of toxins released by extraocular organisms on the lens. 79.2% of eyes had a definable cataract at the end of the 6th week of observation. The biochemical changes portrayed an increased oxidative activity in the lens, evidenced by a fall in glutathione concentration, and the consequent tertiary reorientation of proteins to increase insoluble proteins, forming a cataract.
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