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Title: Primary inferior oblique overaction-management by inferior oblique recession.
Authors: Kamlesh,
Dadeya, Subhash
Kohli, Vandana
Fatima, Shibal
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2002
Citation: Kamlesh , Dadeya S, Kohli V, Fatima S. Primary inferior oblique overaction-management by inferior oblique recession. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2002 Jun; 50(2): 97-101
Abstract: PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of 10 mm inferior oblique recession in horizontal strabismus with V pattern and primary inferior oblique overaction. METHODS: Ten patients of V esotropia and exotropia with primary inferior oblique overaction underwent 10 mm inferior oblique recession by the methods described by Park and Stallard. Pre- and postoperative V pattern, inferior oblique overaction and binocularity were assessed. Patients were followed up for 3 months. RESULTS: The mean preoperative V pattern was 38.3 PD and the mean inferior oblique overaction was 22 PD. After surgery the mean correction of the V pattern was 26.9 PD and the mean residual V pattern was 11.4 PD. None of the patients had inferior oblique overaction postoperatively. 70% of the patients showed improvement in binocularity. CONCLUSION: 10 mm Inferior oblique recession by the described technique is a simple, safe and effective method for the cosmetic and functional treatment of horizontal deviation and V pattern with primary inferior oblique overaction.
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