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Title: Herpes simplex keratitis.
Authors: Suresh, P S
Tullo, A B
Issue Date: 20-Sep-1999
Citation: Suresh PS, Tullo AB. Herpes simplex keratitis. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1999 Sep; 47(3): 155-65
Abstract: Chronic infection of the cornea by Herpes simplex virus (HSV) continues to be an important cause of unilateral blindness. Despite considerable progress in the understanding of the virus at cellular and molecular levels, the prospect of prevention still appears to be long way off. The development of non-toxic topical antiviral agents has been an important step forward in management. However, correct diagnosis and treatment, in particular, the avoidance of inappropriate use of topical steroid remains as important as ever. This article reviews the virological and clinical aspects of HSV keratitis including the current concepts of pathogenesis and management.
Description: 77 references.
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