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Title: Profile of the subtypes of angle closure glaucoma in a tertiary hospital in north India.
Authors: Sihota, R
Agarwal, H C
Issue Date: 26-Mar-1998
Citation: Sihota R, Agarwal HC. Profile of the subtypes of angle closure glaucoma in a tertiary hospital in north India. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1998 Mar; 46(1): 25-9
Abstract: A prospective study of 500 consecutive patients of primary angle closure glaucoma was undertaken to study the clinical profile of the three subtypes: acute, subacute, and chronic. A record of age and sex distributions, symptomatology, the best corrected visual acuity, gonioscopy, visual fields, methods of control of intraocular pressure, and status of the second eye was maintained. Statistical analysis of these parameters and the subtypes of angle closure glaucoma was carried out using the chi-square test. Angle closure glaucoma constituted 45.9% of all primary adult glaucomas seen. 24.8% of these had acute angle closure glaucoma, 31.2% subacute, and 44% chronic glaucoma. Angle closure glaucoma occurred maximally in the sixth decade and females constituted 51.4% of those affected. The difference in symptoms among the subtypes was significant (p < 0.001). More than 80% of the chronic eyes had no significant symptoms. Visual field defects specific for glaucoma were seen in only 15.1% of chronic glaucoma eyes. Bilaterality was commonest in subacute angle closure glaucoma (95.5%) and least in acute angle closure 35.5%. Nd YAG iridotomy alone or with topical medication controlled the intraocular pressure in 48.3% of acute angle closure glaucoma, 78.8% of subacutes, and 30% of chronic eyes. Statistically, each parameter reviewed was significantly different among the subtypes. There are considerable differences as well as an overlap of clinical features in the subtypes of angle closure glaucoma, which suggest some anatomical differences or dissimilar pathogenic mechanisms in these eyes.
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