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Title: Radial keratotomy in India untoward consequences and complications.
Authors: Dhanda, R P
Kalevar, V
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1990
Citation: Dhanda RP, Kalevar V. Radial keratotomy in India untoward consequences and complications. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1990 Jul-Sep; 38(3): 139-44
Abstract: R.K. is a surgery of tomorrow. It is still in the stage of evolution. It should be under-taken only for precise indications. Case evaluation and honest advice to the patient is important. The patient should be explained that the worst can happen. The surgery should be limited to moderate degrees of myopia, not less than -3.0 D sphere and not more than 8 to 10 D. It has no place for myopia with degenerative retinal changes. Surgery should be interrupted at the first sign of a significant operative complication. It will be unfortunate if a healthy eye is lost due to complications of R.K. done with indiscriminate approach and ignorance of possible post-operative consequences.
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