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Title: Familial nanophthalmos: management and complications.
Authors: Neelakantan, A
Venkataramakrishnan, P
Rao, B S
Krishnan, N
Vijaya, L
John, S
Kar, B
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1994
Citation: Neelakantan A, Venkataramakrishnan P, Rao BS, Krishnan N, Vijaya L, John S, Kar B. Familial nanophthalmos: management and complications. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1994 Sep; 42(3): 139-43
Abstract: Nanophthalmos is a rare form of congenital hypermetropia, in which, the individual is at a high risk of developing angle-closure glaucoma. We report a family of nanophthalmos affecting a brother and sister, as confirmed by biometry. Genetic analysis revealed an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. The sister developed angle-closure glaucoma, which was refractory to medical and laser therapy. She underwent surgical interventions which resulted in complications. The clinical presentation, management, and complications encountered are discussed.
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