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Title: Possible role of lens collagen in cataractogenesis.
Authors: Mishra, G
Das, G B
Behera, H N
Issue Date: 6-Dec-1997
Citation: Mishra G, Das GB, Behera HN. Possible role of lens collagen in cataractogenesis. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1997 Dec; 45(4): 227-31
Abstract: The solubility characteristics of collagen in human cataractous eye lenses were studied in relation to age. Post-operative cataractous lenses were collected form eye camps in Phulbani district of Orissa. These were preserved in 70% alcohol and immediately transferred to the laboratory. Various fractions in the collagen obtained from lens capsule of each lens sample were estimated. The salt-soluble and the acid-soluble collagens showed positive correlation with age. The insoluble and total capsular collagen increased with increasing age. The solubility percentage of collagen in salt and acid solutions decreased significantly with increasing age. The possible role of lens collagen in the development of cataract with increasing age is discussed in the background of cross-link theory of aging.
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