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Title: Split-conjunctival grafts for double-head pterygium.
Authors: Maheshwari, Sejal
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2005
Citation: Maheshwari S. Split-conjunctival grafts for double-head pterygium. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2005 Mar; 53(1): 53-5
Abstract: PURPOSE: To describe the technique of split-conjunctival grafts (SCG) for double-head pterygia and to evaluate its postoperative outcome. METHOD: A retrospective analysis of seven eyes with primary double-head pterygium was done. All eyes received pterygium excision with split-conjunctival grafts harvested from the superior quadrant. All patients were followed up for recurrence of the lesion and incidence of complications. RESULTS: No recurrence was noted with a mean follow-up of 17.7 +/- 6 months. CONCLUSION: Split-conjunctival graft is a useful procedure for double-head pterygium.
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