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Title: Oculosporidiosis in a tertiary care hospital of western Orissa, India: a case series.
Authors: Chowdhury, Ravindra K
Behera, Sharmistha
Bhuyan, Debendranath
Das, Gunasagar
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2007
Citation: Chowdhury RK, Behera S, Bhuyan D, Das G. Oculosporidiosis in a tertiary care hospital of western Orissa, India: a case series. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2007 Jul-Aug; 55(4): 299-301
Abstract: The authors present a case series of 54 subjects of Rhinosporidium. They were reported in two years at a tertiary care hospital of Western Orissa. The clinically diagnosed cases by ophthalmologists were confirmed by histopathological samples following surgery. In our series, we noted Rhinosporidium seeberi organisms as the main causative agent. Males were affected three times more than females. Children less than 10 years of age comprised more than 50% of our series. In 91% of cases, the conjunctiva was the site of this infection. Total excision of fungal mass was carried out in all cases and two cases had recurrence between 9 and 12 months following intervention. Although this is an endemic area for such infestation, unilateral manifestation observed in all cases is interesting to note. Low recurrence rate in limited follow-up period could be due to early detection and standard management.
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