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Title: Argon laser iridotomy in angle closure glaucoma.
Authors: Rohatgi, J
Bose, S
Lamba, P A
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1987
Citation: Rohatgi J, Bose S, Lamba PA. Argon laser iridotomy in angle closure glaucoma. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1987 ; 35(5-6): 285-9
Abstract: Argon laser iridotomy was successfully performed in 30 eyes of glaucoma patients. A modified two stage procedure has been described to achieve a successful iridotomy in pigmented eyes. At the chosen site of laser iridotomy, partial thickness burns were applied in the first stage followed by a penetrating burns in the second stage. This minimised the complications associated with laser iridotomy and decreased the incidence of subsequent closure. At the end of 6 months follow up the success rate was 93.3 percent.
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