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Title: Status of speciality training in ophthalmology in India.
Authors: Murthy, G V S
Gupta, Sanjeev K
Bachani, Damodar
Sanga, Lalit
John, Neena
Tewari, Hem K
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2005
Citation: Murthy GV, Gupta SK, Bachani D, Sanga L, John N, Tewari HK. Status of speciality training in ophthalmology in India. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2005 Jun; 53(2): 135-42
Abstract: PURPOSE: To systematically evaluate the quality of ophthalmology training in India. METHODS: Questionnaires were sent to existing medical schools and accredited training institutions. Institutions were followed up thrice to obtain responses. Data were analysed using Stata 8.0. RESULTS: Responses were received from 128 (89.5%) of the 143 institutions. Each year, 900 training slots were available across the country. Faculty: student ratios were better in accredited training institutions than in postgraduate medical schools. Fifty three (41.4%) of 128 institutions subscribed to more than 2 international journals. Fewer than 1 in 6 institutions conducted research projects. 11 (8.6%) institutions reported more than five publications in international peer-reviewed journals over three years. Only a third of the responding institutions had a wet lab. CONCLUSIONS: There is a need to improve the training facilities and optimally utilise the infrastructure available in postgraduate medical schools.
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