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Title: First report of evaluation of K-M media: a new corneal preservation medium.
Authors: Desai, Beena M
Khamar, B M
Ghodadra, B K
Issue Date: 27-Jan-2007
Citation: Desai BM, Khamar BM, Ghodadra BK. First report of evaluation of K-M media: a new corneal preservation medium. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2007 Jan-Feb; 55(1): 43-7
Abstract: PURPOSE: To analyze the outcome of keratoplasty performed using Kalevar-Majumdar (K-M) media, a new synthetic viscous medium for preservation of the cornea. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The K-M media-preserved donor eye balls were kept in a bottle in a refrigerator at 4 degrees C till the corneas were used. Forty-eight consecutive keratoplasty cases of pseudophakic bullous keratopathy with vision less than counting fingers at one meter and operated by a single surgeon have been analyzed. Corneal donor button of 7.5 mm was used on the 7.0 mm recipient bed in all cases. Surgery was done with a standard technique. All the cases were examined daily for the first week and at the end of one month for graft clarity, epithelial defect and stromal edema. RESULTS: The K-M media-preserved corneal grafts remained clear at the end of the first week in 95.8% (46 of 48) cases and at the end of one month in 93.7% (45 of 48) cases. Donor epithelial haze cleared in 24 h in all cases. The stromal edema got cleared in the majority (91.7%, 44 of 48) within 24 h. Epithelial defect was seen in only 10.4% (five cases). There was no primary graft failure. CONCLUSION: K-M medium, a new viscous, synthetic corneal preservation medium, is a safe (no primary donor failure) alternative to conventional liquid corneal preservation media. K-M media-preserved eyes appear to have better preserved corneal epithelium with faster achievement of graft clarity postoperatively.
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