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Title: Effect of aniseikonia on fusion.
Authors: Sharma, P
Prakash, P
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1991
Citation: Sharma P, Prakash P. Effect of aniseikonia on fusion. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1991 Oct-Dec; 39(4): 170-3
Abstract: Physiological aniseikonia is the basis of stereopsis but beyond certain limits it becomes an obstacle to fusion. It is not well established as to how much aniseikonia can be tolerated by the fusional mechanism. Different tests under different testing conditions have given a wide range of variation. On the synoptophore we had observed tolerance upto 35% aniseikonia in some cases. Under more physiological conditions on a polaroid dissociation stereoprojector we observed lesser baseline fusional vergences but tolerance in about 70% of the cases upto 30% aniseikonia while 25% could tolerate even 35% aniseikonia. However we realise that these indicate the maximal potential and not the symptom free tolerable limits.
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