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Title: A genetic analysis of retinitis pigmentosa.
Authors: Shanker, J
Ramesh, A
Issue Date: 1-Apr-1993
Citation: Shanker J, Ramesh A. A genetic analysis of retinitis pigmentosa. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1993 Apr; 41(1): 23-5
Abstract: The data consists of sixty probands affected with Retinitis pigmentosa. Syndromic cases were found in five percent of the RP probands. Segregation analysis was carried out on proband sibship data. The ascertainment probability was estimated at 0.5517. Analysis of the data by parental mating types of proband sibships indicated the presence of dominant forms of RP (2.05%). Analysis of proband sibships indicated the presence of low risk families in the Normal x Normal matings (45%) and in the consanguineous matings (40%). The hypothesis of recessive inheritance could be confirmed only in multiplex sibships (p = 0.383 +/- 0.0793). Data on proband matings though incomplete conformed in general to autosomal recessive gene hypothesis.
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