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Title: Conjunctival-limbal autografts for primary and recurrent pterygia: technique and results.
Authors: Rao, S K
Lekha, T
Mukesh, B N
Sitalakshmi, G
Padmanabhan, P
Issue Date: 28-Dec-1998
Citation: Rao SK, Lekha T, Mukesh BN, Sitalakshmi G, Padmanabhan P. Conjunctival-limbal autografts for primary and recurrent pterygia: technique and results. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1998 Dec; 46(4): 203-9
Abstract: Our technique of pterygium excision with conjunctival-limbal autografting is described and the safety and efficacy of the procedure in India is analysed. Case records of 51 consecutive patients (53 eyes) who underwent surgery at our institute between November 1992 and September 1994 were retrospectively analysed. Recurrence was defined as fibrovascular tissue crossing the corneoscleral limbus onto clear cornea in the area of previous pterygium excision. 2 (3.8%) of the 53 pterygia (primary 36; recurrent 17) recurred, after a mean follow up of 18.9 +/- 12.1 months (range: 1.5-43 months). Both recurrences occurred within a year of follow up, in patients who were < or = 40 years of age. No major operative or postoperative complications were encountered. The inclusion of limbal tissue in conjunctival autografts following pterygium excision appears to be essential to ensure low recurrence rates. The technique is safe, simple and inexpensive and is recommended for the management of both primary and recurrent pterygia in Indian eyes.
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