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Title: Statistical analysis: the need, the concept, and the usage.
Authors: Naduvilath, T J
Dandona, L
Issue Date: 26-Mar-1998
Citation: Naduvilath TJ, Dandona L. Statistical analysis: the need, the concept, and the usage. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 1998 Mar; 46(1): 51-8
Abstract: In general, better understanding of the need and usage of statistics would benefit the medical community in India. This paper explains why statistical analysis is needed, and what is the conceptual basis for it. Ophthalmic data are used as examples. The concept of sampling variation is explained to further corroborate the need for statistical analysis in medical research. Statistical estimation and testing of hypothesis which form the major components of statistical inference are construed. Commonly reported univariate and multivariate statistical tests are explained in order to equip the ophthalmologist with basic knowledge of statistics for better understanding of research data. It is felt that this understanding would facilitate well designed investigations ultimately leading to higher quality practice of ophthalmology in our country.
Description: 4 references.
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