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Title: Acute abdominal pain in gynaecology.
Authors: Vaid, N B
Mukherjee, S
Gupta, A
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1990
Citation: Vaid NB, Mukherjee S, Gupta A. Acute abdominal pain in gynaecology. Journal of the Indian Medical Association. 1990 Oct; 88(10): 285-7
Abstract: Fifty female patients with acute abdominal pain were studied. High risk factors helping in clinical diagnosis were evaluated and 7(14%) cases with clear cut surgical indications were immediately operated on while 43 (86%) were kept under active observation. In doubtful cases, culdoscopy and diagnostic laparoscopy were found to be helpful in confirming the diagnosis and another 26% were operated later on. The delay in surgery did not increase the morbidity and mortality and only one patient (2%) underwent unnecessary laparotomy. Hence, it was concluded that active observation in cases of acute abdominal pain of doubtful origin is a safe and effective approach.
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